China Restaurant "zum goldenen Drachen"

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2 Wun - Tun soup     07.50
3 Chicken soup with vermicelli 07.00
4 Egg soup with mushrooms 07.00
5 Szechuan ? soup (hot) 08.00 
6 Hot and sour soup 07.50
7 Chicken noodle soup 07.00
8 Soup with asparagus and crab meat 12.00
9 Chicken and chinese mushroom soup 08.00
10Mixed salad07.00
11Cabbage salad (hot)07.50
12Bean sprouts salad07.50
13Shrimps salad   14.00
15Mixed Dim Sum  18.50
16Spring roll07.50
17Spring roll of the house09.50
18Vietnamese Spring roll   09.00
19Fried Wun - Tun09.50
20Wor Tip (pan fried meat dumpling)11.00
21Chicken of the chief09.50
22Siu Mai (steamed meat dumpling)09.50
23toast with shrimps (sesame)10.50
24Giant shrimps fried with lychee16.50
25Giant shrimps fried in paste14.50
26Har Gau (steamed shrimps dumpling)09.50
27Shrimps Chop-Suey30.50
28Shrimps on sweet and sour sauce30.50
29Curry shrimps with onions30.50
30Pan fried shrimps with cashew nuts30.50
31Crispy Shrimps with sesames34.50
32Shrimps szechuan (hot)33.50
33Shrimps Kong - Po (hot)31.50
34Pan fried shrimps with garlic34.50
35Fried sliced shrimps with pepper/salt34.50
36Chicken with 5 vegetables21.50
37Chicken Szechuan (hot)23.50
38 Kong - Po chicken (hot)22.50
39Chicken with garlic22.50
40Chicken with cashew nuts21.50
42Sweet an sour chicken22.50
43Chicken with pineapple22.50
44Chicken Chop - Suey22.50
45Chicken with black mushrooms22.50
46Chicken with lemon sauce22.50
47Chicken curry22.50
48Chicken with mushrooms and bomboo shoots23.00
49Roasted chicken with sesam22.50
50Duck with Orange     31.50
51Duck Peking style34.50
52Pan fried Duck with pineapple27.50
53Roasted duck without bones31.50
54Duck with mushrooms and bomboo shoots29.50
55Roasted duck with bones31.50
56Duck Szechuan (hot)29.50
58Fried flounder - filets with lemon sauce22.50
59steamed flounder - filets22.50
60Sweet and sour flounder   filet22.50 
62Sweet and sour pork23.50
63Pork with 5 vegetables23.50
64Spare-rips deep fried20.50
65Pork Szechuan (hot)23.50
66Pork curry23.50
68Pan fried pork with vegetables23.50
69Pork with black mushrooms23.50
70Pork with kefen (Teban)24.50
71Pork with mushrooms and bamboo shoots    25.00
76Beef with 5 vegetables26.50
77Beef deep fried with sweet and sour Sauce27.50
78Beef Szechuan (hot)28.50
79Beef with garlic26.50
80Beef with black mushrooms26.50
81Beef with onions26.50
82Beef with green chillies26.50
85beef with tomatoes26.50
86Curry beef with 0nions26.50
87Beef with mushrooms and bomboo shoots28.50
88Beef with Kefen (Teban)27.50
89Beef Chop-Suey with  vegetables     26.50
90Bamboo shoots and chinese mushrooms16.50
91Chinese mushrooms with broccoli18.50
92Chinese mushrooms with oyster sauce18.50
93Pan fried cauliflower sweet and sour sauce16.50
94Pan fried broccoli sweet and sour sauce16.50
95Monk?s vegetables 15.50
96Omelette Chop - Suey16.50
97Tofu with sojasauce18.50
98Tofu Ma Poo (hot)18.50
99Fried Tofu with vegetables18.50
Beef & Pork = Swiss
Shrimps & Fish = Vietnam     
Duck = Germany
Chicken = Brasil
Side Dishes
101Fried rice cantonese style05.00
102Crispy rice05.50
103Steamed rice03.00
105Pan fried noodles with vegetables06.00
107Vermicelli 06.00
109Pan fried bean sprouts  07.50
110Pan fried season vegetable07.50
111Broccoli with Ginger13.50
112Vegetables Chop-Suey08.50
Vegetables can only be served with a main dish!
Prices in CHF & inkl. 7.6% TAX

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